FAQS about the Authors Seeking Agents Wish List website

What You Need to Know

What is the Authors Seeking Agents Wish List website?

ASAWL.com is a new way to connect authors with agents using a method similar to a Twitter pitch party.  The ASAWL.comL website is currently under construction, and when it's done, it will be the new standard in matching agents and authors.

How will it work?

While it's still in the development stage, think pitch party meets the reverse of MSWL.  Authors will be able to post their book pitches and have the ability to define their work by genre, word count, etc.  Agents will be able to peruse the listings, search for key words and genres, and like or comment on pitches they like and would like to see more of.

I'm an agent.  How do I use the ASAWL.com website?

As an agent, you will have the ability to review pitch posts and search for specific genres and key words.  If you are interested in a particular pitch post, please "like" the pitch (the method to do this is under construction).  You can then choose the method by which you communicate with the author.

Why are you creating the ASAWL.com website?

I believe the query system is broken, ineffective, and outdated.  I am an aspiring author who wants to improve the system for all authors, and I'm willing to put my neck out to do it.

What are the general rules for participating in the ASAWL.com website?

Read on to see them.  Be honest, for authors, pitch only completed, edited, original, unpublished work, and share the resource with your friends.

Do I have to pay to use the ASAWL.com site?


I'm already self-published.  Can I use the ASAWL.com website to pitch my published book to agents?

No.  The ASAWL website is for unpublished authors to pitch their work.

Can I pitch short stories or screenplays?

Yes, but please ensure you select the appropriate genre for it.

Can I include pictures or photos in my pitch?


Can I like other authors' pitches?

In the current design stage, no.  The ability to like or comment on an author's pitch will be solely delegated to agents and publishers.

What happens if I don't follow your rules?

I expect authors to be professional, honest, and courteous to all participants and agents.  I also expect them to follow the rules.  I will block anyone I feel is abusing the ASAWL.com website.

How do I contact you?

You can e-mail me at contact@raucouswriter.com or send me a tweet.