Those who lack an appreciation for wit, humor (including the sub-genres of dry, smug, British, German [is there really such a thing?], stupid, childish, infantile, wise-cracking, dim-witted, bawdy, dull, and silly), and self-deprecation should read no further.


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Observations and musings about stuff by the founder and creator of the #ASAWL movement and website


September 28, 2017

A few nights ago I found myself on the couch scrolling through the #MSWL hoping to find an agent who was actively seeking a novel in my genre, or even something other than YA or MG.  Or Chick Lit, or romance.  Some of the listings made me chuckle----Amish horror?  What...

September 25, 2017

My editor experiment is a bust.  The male editor took my initial deposit 6 weeks ago and did absolutely nothing in the interim.   At my week 3 nudge, I knew he'd done nothing.  At week 6, and with no proactive communication during the entire period, I realized that in...

September 24, 2017

Last week I finished making the edits suggested by the female editor.  As any smart, newbie novelist would do, I took her feedback seriously and worked to address the few issues she noted.  I did, however, reject two edits. 

First, she told me that my protagon...

September 19, 2017

Male editor is now moving into the six-week mark with no contact at all.  I have no idea where he is with the MS, whether he's read it, understood it, etc.  Right now, he gets a solid F for communication.  I'm expecting a hell of an editing job with this amount of time...

September 16, 2017

Had to stand in line and wait for the surly clerk to retrieve my certified mail package this morning.  This was on the ground by my car when I pulled into the post office parking lot.  Kudos to the owner for having the foresight to know he or she would need a drink to...

September 9, 2017

What if the roles were reversed in some of the most iconic movies?  For example, what if Top Gun featured two, female fighter pilots?  I'll have to noodle on who would play the lead characters, but clearly see Charlize Theron in Val Kilmer's Ice Man role, and Chris Eva...

September 9, 2017

The female editor took exactly the amount of time she estimated to complete two full reads of the MS and prepare her comments using the "track changes" feature.  There are less than 30 substantive comments in the nearly 290 pages, some of which are curiosity questions...

September 6, 2017

1.  Bush II providing private tutoring sessions to the "President" on important issues like "strategery" and "nucular options." 

2.  Men sitting around talking about "that not-so-fresh" feeling.

3.  "Thunderdome 2017":  the U.S. capitol building is turned into Thund...

September 2, 2017

Dear SNL:  I've written these in my head.  Let me know when you want a new and twisted skit writer:

1.  "I will be your father-figure":  music video featuring General Kelly singing to Dump.

2.  "Game of Thongs":  you get the idea.

3.  "Arnold Air":  skit fe...

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