Those who lack an appreciation for wit, humor (including the sub-genres of dry, smug, British, German [is there really such a thing?], stupid, childish, infantile, wise-cracking, dim-witted, bawdy, dull, and silly), and self-deprecation should read no further.


Welcome to The Raucous Writer

Observations and musings about stuff by the founder and creator of the #ASAWL movement and website


March 14, 2018

I'm fairly new to Twitter.  Why?  Because I have a serious day job that requires attention and concentration.  When I set up my Twitter account, the first folks I followed were two of my favorite authors, whom I won't mention here.

It didn't take long to...

March 4, 2018

Like most of you reading this, I read a lot, both for my "real" job and in preparation for bewitching an agent with my first completed MS.  Nothing is off limits, meaning I devour blogs, magazines, newspapers (yes, in hard copy), tweets, recipes, nutrition labels, and...

January 28, 2018

The motivation for today's blog

My peaceful, Sunday morning paper-reading ritual was rudely interrupted when I reached the Arts section, which features a story about a local writer whose newest novel was just published.  He'll be signing books here next week....

January 17, 2018

Last Sunday morning I watched with great interest the #TimesUp interview Oprah Winfrey conducted with Reese Witherspoon, Shonda Rhimes, America Ferrera, Natalie Portman, Tracee Ellis Ross, Kathleen Kennedy, and Nina Shaw. 

Since the segment aired, I've been noodling on...

January 12, 2018

Last night I was the victim of an agent assassin's dreaded double tap.  If you don't know what a double tap is, it's a method used by assassins (and other types of killers) to ensure the victim is good and dead.  Two shots to the head.  See the GIF above for a visual....

January 7, 2018

Did you ever notice how many songs ask questions that remain unanswered?  I did, and here are my responses:

1.  “Why do fools fall in love?”  Because they’re idiots.

2.  “Why are there so many songs about rainbows?”  I wasn’t aware there were that many, but if there are,...

January 7, 2018

Like most aspiring authors, I read a lot of books and blogs about writing books.  Recently, I’ve been drawn to blogs about the importance of a novel’s opening line.  That first lines are powerful is no secret, but as I’ll prove below, a mind-blowing first line isn’t a...

December 17, 2017

If you're looking for positive reinforcement for those query blues, stop reading now and check out all the other Stuart Smalley kinds of blogs.  This one is written by a realist who wants new writers to know what to expect.

1.  It's a marathon, not a sprint.

You may be t...

November 17, 2017

Google "how to write a great query letter" and you'll find hundreds of articles chock-full of advice for the aspiring author---"cut to the chase," "sell your story," "don't be arrogant," etc. 

On the flip side, there's a dearth of advice for agents looking to...

November 7, 2017

Patience may be a virtue, but it's not my strong suit.  Six months have now passed since I sent in a query, received a request for a partial, and am, you guessed it, still waiting to hear something. 

During this agonizing wait, I've learned a few things I'd like to...

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