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Testing a theory

August 3, 2017

I'm shopping for an editor with experience in the speculative fiction/supernatural mystery genre(s).  So far, I've interviewed  several candidates who believe that a background in paranormal romance or thrillers is sufficient to edit my novel, which doesn't involve anything paranormal, and isn't centered on romance.  I disagree, but then, I digress. 


My theory is that my work will elicit very different editorial comments from a male editor and from a female editor.  Crazy (and expensive) as it may sound, I'm going to submit an identical MS to both a male editor and a female editor from different sources to see if I'm right.  Will a strong, female protagonist appeal to a  male editor?   Will a female editor insist on a softer protagonist?  Will they have differing opinions on the marketability of the story? 


Stay tuned.   I'll let you know.

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