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Want to open carry your blades of glory? Move to Texas

In less than two weeks, Texans will be able to sleep more soundly. That's because beginning on September 1st, and in addition to being able to open carry rifles and shotguns, and carry concealed handguns, they will be able to open carry blades over five and one-half inches, except in restricted areas, which include places like court offices and polling places.

I personally feel much safer knowing that if I empty the magazine of my .380 into the bad guy and then shoot him up with my rifle, I will still have the option to slice, dice, and

julienne him with my blade of choice, be it a katana, a scimitar, or even the Sword of Gryffindor if it appears to me in a time of need. Do all y'all cotton to that?

Welcome to Texas...the "Carry a Weapon of Your Choice" state