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The Two Suggested Edits I Rejected

Last week I finished making the edits suggested by the female editor. As any smart, newbie novelist would do, I took her feedback seriously and worked to address the few issues she noted. I did, however, reject two edits.

First, she told me that my protagonist wouldn't be able to identify a specific firearm in a holster. Fortunately for me, I have a weapons consultant who not only disagreed with the editor, but proved she was wrong by showing me the gun at issue (which I've fired before) fitted with the .45 caliber magazine. Couldn't mistake it for anything other than what it is. Booyah.

Second, she said that the protagonist's love interest was an unlikely match. Really? Romeo and Juliet? Bella and Edward? A Bishop and a de Clermont? Isn't love about the attraction of opposites?

Bottom line? The edits are done, and the agent wooing begins.