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A funny thing happened during my perusal of the #MSWL

A few nights ago I found myself on the couch scrolling through the #MSWL hoping to find an agent who was actively seeking a novel in my genre, or even something other than YA or MG. Or Chick Lit, or romance. Some of the listings made me chuckle----Amish horror? What on earth is that? Aliens and 17th century farmhouses? At least I get that one. Maybe I'll even write it.

And then there were agents who posted a random picture or a line from an article and said they'd be interested in a novel about that.

Which gave me a thought. I have a music library that would rival a radio station's collection, so what if I were an agent whose inspiration for my #MSWL came from (mostly) 80s (and mostly obscure) songs? Here's a quick peek at what it would look like:

I want original themes, characters I want to hate to love or love to hate, and a story that keeps me turning the page until the end. Send me your MS on these topics:

1. "Save me, save me from tomorrow. I don't want to sail on this ship of fools."

2. "Don't look surprised, you know you buttered your bread, so now it's fair you should stare at the back of my head."

3. "I was trying so hard to be myself I was turning into somebody else."

4. "The sweetest melody, is a one word refrain, so lower your sights, and raise your aim."

5. "Hot shot sugar returns to toytown, you've got to do the world your way."

6. "You're living in your own private Idaho, on the ground like a wild potato."

Seriously, someone send me a great query for one of these!