You want stories about pics? Bring it on #MSWL

October 8, 2017

I continue to scour the #MSWL hoping to catch a glimpse of an agent interested in stories for grown-ups.  What I've noticed is that more and more agents are asking for stories about the pictures they post (cats, portraits, etc.).


In the spirit of creativity, I'd like to share a few pictures and suggested story starters to go with them...


#1:  THE TREE?



-The Aspen tree with its large eye was the perfect cover for the alien to survey the area and plan for the invasion.


-Sean walked that parking lot every day with his trusty Thermos and had never before noticed the tree with eye of malice.  





-Zyrgl displayed his hard-won bounty, which was enough food to feed the village through the harsh winter.


-Rex Dunn killed the last of the alien invaders and left their dead shells of bodies in the square for all to see.





-The spies scaled the window of the building like the pros they were, checking every office for a sign of their target.


-They looked like lizards, but were actually state-of-the-art listening devices planted by the rogue agent. 


As some goofball in a commercial said, Come on, Man!


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