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The Partial MS Assassination: inspired by true events

Last night I was the victim of an agent assassin's dreaded double tap. If you don't know what a double tap is, it's a method used by assassins (and other types of killers) to ensure the victim is good and dead. Two shots to the head. See the GIF above for a visual. Keanu Reeves mastered the move in the John Wick movies.

This particular agent had already sent me a form rejection e-mail after he'd had my partial MS for months. That bullet hit me on a Sunday evening right before a holiday.

Message received. MS dead for him. Or so I thought.

Last night, and five weeks after the first rejection, the same agent sent me the identical rejection e-mail, aka the dreaded double tap.

No, I didn't contact him, respond to the first rejection, or post anything about him. He apparently wanted to make absolutely sure the partial MS was, in his eyes, deceased, extinct, defunct, bloodless and lifeless.

Heard you the first time. Understand you're not interested. But guess what? I'm going CHUMBAWAMBA here. I get knocked down, but I get up again. Leave the double tap to the real pros.