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A drunk query of an unfinished MS success story

The motivation for today's blog

My peaceful, Sunday morning paper-reading ritual was rudely interrupted when I reached the Arts section, which features a story about a local writer whose newest novel was just published. He'll be signing books here next week.

The rub

I don't know the author, and I certainly wish him well, but here's my beef---he broke every rule to get published.

According to the article, the author had an "endless manuscript...700 pages that went in many different directions." So what did he do?

He found a literary agent he wanted to court, and e-mailed him while on his third glass of wine, and then "went into drunken pleading." And yes, these are direct quotes from the article.

The agent, a big-time Muckety-Muck in New York, thought the drunk query was "funny" and asked to see some pages.


All the rules are broken

I've paid for webinars, purchased books on how to get published, joined chat groups, etc. etc., and am absolutely certain that querying unfinished manuscripts, "pleading" for an agent, and querying while under the influence (in the morning!) are no-nos.

But are they?

Apparently not. Maybe I'll take a page from this guy's play book and drunk query my current, unfinished manuscript to my dream agent. I've said it before and I'll say it again---all of the "rules" taught by supposed "publishing experts" don't seem to apply.