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Why I stopped following two of my favorite authors on Twitter

I'm fairly new to Twitter. Why? Because I have a serious day job that requires attention and concentration. When I set up my Twitter account, the first folks I followed were two of my favorite authors, whom I won't mention here.

It didn't take long to notice a few things about their tweets:

* 99% of them are about themselves

* they hawk, hawk and hawk the author's stuff

* the authors rarely, if ever, interact with fans

* the authors rarely, if ever, offer positive words or encouragement of any kind to aspiring authors

Yes, I understand that Twitter is a social media platform, but the ME ME ME thing got old fast. A word to established authors---if you want to maintain and increase your fan base, get off the dais and mix with the crowd. Put another way, acknowledge and interact with your fans. After all, they're the ones who put you where you are now.