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How Not to Land an Agent

Rejection is harder than stuff that's petrified. And it's something fairly new to me. I won't tell you how many rejections I've received for my first MS, but will share with you some (but not all) of the things I've done to earn the rejections in the hope you can learn from my mistakes:

- I spent months researching book publishing and purchased books on publishing/editing/querying from well-known sources.

- I paid to participate in a query class.

- I paid for a writing mentor.

- I had 8 beta readers (not friends/family) review my MS for feedback.

- I hired a professional editor to edit the finished MS.

- I've participated in online seminars on pitching and querying.

- I joined a writing group in my hometown although no one showed up to the meeting.

- I used Querytracker.

- I joined Twitter.

- I spent nearly a year editing my MS.

- I researched agents, stalked them on Twitter, and personalized each query.

- I've participated in #Pitmad.

- I started this blog.

- I reached out to other new authors for advice and support.

So far, none of this has done diddlysquat (technical term) to land an agent. Maybe I'll do a drunk query like that guy I recently blogged about. He landed a book deal.