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Getting conflicting advice on perfecting your query letter? Another reason #ASAWL is a better alter

I just read a tweet from a writer who said he was working on his query letter and had received conflicting advice on how to write it.

That's one of the many reasons why it's time to revolutionize the query process. I too experienced the same issue. I paid for a query critique webinar, waited more than two months for the agent to send me feedback on three paragraphs, lightened my wallet, and received advice that was contradicted by another agent.

Let's face it. The entire process is 1000% subjective. Wouldn't it be a better use of an agent's time to be able to peruse the #ASAWL to look for what interests him or her, as opposed to slogging through hundreds of queries parked in the inbox which may or may not even comply with the "query guidelines"?

If an agent liked the Twitch (twitter pitch), he or she could ask to see more. The process is far more controlled this way, and lets other authors see what really interests an agent.

So far, no one has provided any reason why this idea shouldn't or wouldn't work. Helps agents. Helps authors. Win-win.